Monthly Missions


This time of year is so lovely in the Pacific North West. I’ve been looking forward to it since surviving the sweltering summer we had. October was a rough month for me, spiritually and physically. Already I feel good about how November is beginning and can’t wait to share with you through posts.

Here is what I will be doing this month in my continuance of the path to self discovery.

1. 21 day meditation through the Chopra Center. It’s free and everyday there will be access to a free 20 minute meditation based on the energy of attraction. It starts November 3rd, so if you’d like to join in click here.

2. Daily Bible reading and devotion time in the New Testament. I kind of like to do my own thing with this. I just read what I feel like and if something speaks to me I’ll write it out or pray it out. I haven’t done this consistently in awhile so I look forward to seeing what comes out of it.

3. Workout more consistently. I have a gym membership as well as a For the Glow membership that I haven’t been using enough. The amount of stress I build up throughout the day is intense and I can tell the difference of how it affects me when I do not work out. Sweating is also a great way to detoxify after binging on Halloween candy…. just saying.

4. Eat pure foods and try some whole food recipes for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, it’s such a great way to connect with family. I’d like to focus on having a healthy holiday even if my family doesn’t eat my food! The more for me the better 😉

That’s all I’ve got! Here’s to a new month and to making the most of every moment!



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