From the Ashes….

I remember when I started this blog how excited I was. Never did I realize that life would get in the way. When I say get in the way I don’t mean small stuff, I’m talking life shifting changes. Unprepared was an understatement.

I went from being a stay at home mommy to a full time office worker mommy. Gone are the days that I can read a book, cook all of my meals and workout all in the same day. Now I have to chose from one of those options, all the while getting in time with my kids and attempting to check my email daily. It’s an adjustment to say the least, especially for my husband and I. Our role switch has been tough on our relationship and my main priority has been focusing on how to not let our marriage fall apart. Oh, and I sprained my ankle which led me to wearing a very large boot and not even being able to take the stairs at work.

Talk about starting from the bottom.

Honestly, I hadn’t worked out since December, gained about 20 lbs from reduced mobility and sitting on my arse for 10 hours a day, moved out of my house because it was THAT bad at home and had to deal with the stress of learning a new job.  I know that was a very long and poorly written sentence but I think it suites the tiny pity party I just had for myself.

There were a lot of times over the past couple of months where I’ve cried myself to sleep missing my kids, feeling like shit as my jeans began to not fit the way I like and getting frustrated as I’d hit the 10 hour mark at work.

The good thing is that transition is only a small part of life. Already things are getting back into place. My husband and I are strongly working on communication and I’m home again enjoying being driven nuts by my sweet kids. I’ve been able to work around my injury and have started working out again. My job is also going decently well even though I have felt so lost learning the in’s and outs of it all. It feels good to know I help people on a daily basis.

My kale life is back on track, despite being thrown through multiple loops at once. I’m excited to experience my life in a new way. I do believe greater things are ahead and anticipate what I will be sharing with you. Who knows by the end of the year that Drake song may be my anthem.





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