The Importance of Being Human.


Fall has been a haze of colour to me: all I seem to remember is waking to work. I’ve kept God in my thoughts, prayed, been aware of His presence, longed for Him and asked Him questions not at all expecting to be answered (or at least answered the way I’m looking for). On the other hand, I know I have sipped the punch that reality is pouring all around me and I’ve started to submit myself to the world, selling my soul for the  buck the world has told me it’s worth. I come home every night feeling like something’s taken a bite out of me. Doing this life routine goes against what I’ve always thought I was, however, there is some reason for it even though I cannot distinguish what that may be. Instead of being more alert to the present, I have opted for soothing one-hit fixes that keep me fogged from…

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I’m About This Life!

Earlier this year I was able to introduce a couple of my friends to a whole foods plant based lifestyle. We coined the term “kale life” in the same way someone would say “thug life”. For example I’d post a photo of an awesome salad I had made only to get a “#kalelife” comment posted underneath. Another example, if a friend said they were eating brussel sprouts and I make a comment about how bitter they are, friend would say “you’re just not about this kale life”.

So here I am to prove that I am indeed about this life.  Not necessarily because I need to, but because I WANT to. I realize now how much I want to change my lifestyle. Although watching reality shows and drinking copious amounts of wine is quite nice, I feel like I’m missing out on something big.  So what is the kale life exactly? What does it mean to me? Oh funny you should ask!

respect bodyFirst and foremost it’s about respecting my body. I’ve spent my entire life overweight and unhealthy. Over the past four years I’ve discovering what exactly healthy eating is. I love to cook and spend my time learning more about food and how it can heal us. For some reason though old habits die hard. I spend all of this time dieting, counting calories, overeating, not eating enough. NO MORE! Enough of this, time to try something new. From now on I will just focus on eating real foods (I’m a plant based eater but respect all eating styles), exercising, and gentle loving kindness toward my body. Why am I getting so pissed when the number on the scale wont budge? Why am I punishing myself and disrespecting the body that allows my spirit to be here? This doesn’t make sense and I ain’t about it.

self love

Who doesn’t need to love themselves just a little bit (or even a lot) more? As a mom and wife, I get so busy with the day to day and usually it feels like I barely scratched the surface at the end of it all. So here’s to not beating myself up about it, to loving myself regardless of what I check off my to-do list. Here’s to positive affirmations, relaxing bubble baths and reading fabulous novels because sometimes I just plain deserve it.

spiritual practice

Now I know not every body has a higher power but God is a major part of who I am. It’s been a confusing aspect of my life lately and I’d love to devote some time to get clarity and grow in this area. I plan to meditate, practice yoga, spend time in my Bible and find a church that fits my needs.

experience life

Lastly the kale life is going to be about experience. There is so much going on out there yet I find that when my husband asks what I’d like to do for the day my answer is usually “I don’t know” which leads to sitting on the couch watching Bravo. Everyday is a gift and from now on I intend to spend them as so. We are going to get out more, try new things and start some major home improvement projects this year. If you find any great DIY projects on pinterest don’t forget to send them my way!


So that’s it. That’s the kale life for me in a nutshell. Respect, practice, explore, experience. Pretty good stuff. I can probably make an acronym out of that. REEP? EEPR? Ok I’ll stop while I’m ahead.